Jason Yang


I’m a 3rd-year chemical engineering PhD candidate at Caltech, coadvised by Professor Frances Arnold and Professor Yisong Yue. My research interests involve developing machine learning-assisted workflows for protein engineering. In particular, I am interested in discovering and optimizing enzymes for desired functions. I am interning this summer at Profluent.

I completed my BS in chemical engineering and applied math at Yale University. During my undergrad, I worked on membranes for water treatment with Professor Menachem Elimelech, and molecular simulation and machine learning of polymers with Professor Ying Li. In the past, I have also interned at Genentech and NREL.

Outside of research, I enjoy electronic music, exploring new places and foods, and learning about history and philosophy. I also enjoy teaching and mentoring other students.

selected publications

  1. creep.png
    CARE: a Benchmark Suite for the Classification and Retrieval of Enzymes
    Jason Yang, Ariane Mora, Shengchao Liu, and 4 more authors
    arXiv, Jun 2024
  2. outlook.png
    Opportunities and Challenges for Machine Learning-Assisted Enzyme Engineering
    Jason Yang, Francesca-Zhoufan Li, and Frances H. Arnold
    ACS Central Science, Feb 2024
  3. decoil.png
    DeCOIL: Optimization of Degenerate Codon Libraries for Machine Learning-Assisted Protein Engineering
    Jason Yang, Julie Ducharme, Kadina E. Johnston, and 3 more authors
    ACS Synthetic Biology, Jul 2023
  4. polymers.png
    Machine learning enables interpretable discovery of innovative polymers for gas separation membranes
    Jason Yang, Lei Tao, Jinlong He, and 2 more authors
    Science Advances, Jul 2022